Funeral, Memorial and Scattering of Ashes Ceremonies

A Funeral/ Memorial/ Scattering of Ashes Ceremony, is a part of the grieving process and celebrates the unique life of the deceased and reminds us of how special they were. 

There are many End of Life Services, the most popular of course are Burials and Cremations.

Burials, traditionally, took place in the churchyard or sacred ground (the price of a plot today in Peterborough starts from £1308).

Today, Natural Burials, so called because you do not use a grave stone are becoming increasingly popular. Trees are planted and eventually the area returns to nature. There are approximately 350 Natural Burial Grounds in this country (on average £700 a plot). A Celebrant, can lead a wonderfully bespoke Ceremony at your chosen Natural Burial site to your exact requirements.  

Cremations of course are traditionally linked to services at the Crematorium, where a Celebrant led ceremony can be performed and the ashes collected at a later date by the family. A short Scattering of Ashes Ceremony, can also be held when convenient, particularly if some family or friends could not attend the cremation service.

 Some people are now opting for a Direct Cremation, if they prefer simplicity and want/ need to cut costs. The deceased's body is taken directly to the Crematorium and burned. The ashes can be taken and scattered at a suitable time/ date and a chosen venue, often with the addition of a Celebrant Ceremony.

If the ashes are not scattered, there is an option to have them interred at a natural burial site (approximate cost £300), with a short ceremony, including family and friends.

Memorial Ceremonies, are also very popular, particularly when you can plan a ceremony that is on a date that is convenient for all those that wish to attend, and at a chosen venue. 

As a Celebrant, I can discuss all the possibilities and help you decide on your chosen ceremony, depending on your beliefs and choice of venue at this incredibly difficult time.


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Death is a fact of life for every single one of us. It is a human right to grieve in peace.