Special Ceremonial Elements

Special Elements can be interwoven into your Ceremony to add to the uniqueness of your day. Examples include:

  •  Handfasting 

  • Hand- Holding 

  • Unity Candle/ Sand/ Flower 

  • Ring Warming 

  • Rose 

  • Celtic Oathstone 

  • Sundial 

  • Wishing Jar/ Tree 

  • Loveletter 

  • Dove Release 

  • Pebble Warming Tradition

  • Jumping the Broom 

  • Emergency First Argument Box 

  • First Kiss/ Last Kiss

  • Breaking the Glass

  • Time Capsule

  • Wine

  • Planting a Tree

  • Big Hug

  • Pass the Rope

  • Painted Canvas

  • Family Tree

  • Parchment/ Signing

Your Wedding should be as unique as you are, so you may also want to incorporate your own individual ideas.


Wedding Ring

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